Work in organization

Organization Work:


  • After the completion of the Registration process, User will get an Email for the successful registration of the Organization. User will also get a “Getting Started” tour through the web portal.
  • Once user get registered into FightSong! Community then they would get a user guide which would guide User about the mandatory steps to be performed by them.
  • User first require to complete his/her profile so they need to fill the details in “Personal Information”, “Change Profile picture” and can also Change password.
  • User need to create the Center in the second step. This center can be any location or department of the organization.
  • User needs to send invitations to those staff that they want to make the Admin. Here System Manager needs to enter the Email id of the staff and full name of the Staff. Admin needs to accept the invitation.
  • User needs to send invitations to those staff that they want to make the Counselor. Here System Manager need to enter the Email id, Full name of the Staff and select the center which they want to allocate to the respective Counselor.
  • User can see the analytical report of the Organization and the User/ Students who have connected to the organization.

Profile and Account Setting :

  • User can manage the profile such as the address detail, profile picture and can change the password if needed. User can also manage the notification pop-up by just checking or un-checking the check-box against the Notification under personal information.
  • Users can Change Password if they want to change due to some circumstances.
  • User can set Profile picture which would be displayed to other staff members as well as to App users.

Creating Centers:

  • System manager can create centers as per their requirement and mention the Geo-Location of mentioned center. Centers need to be created before sending invitation to the Counselor else invitation won’t be sent.


Note:Here System manager can send Invitation up-to the number of user that they have selected while registration.


Sending Invitation to Admin and Counselor:

Invite Admin:

  • System Manager can send an invitation to that member whom they want to make the Admin.
  • System manager simply needs to open the Pop-Dropdown list and select “Invite Admin” option from the list.
  • Above displayed screen will appear and user needs to write email address and Full name of staff whom they are making Admin.


Invite Counselor:

  • System Manager can send an invitation to that member whom they want to make the Counselor and assign center likewise from the drop-down list.
  • System manager simply needs to open the Pop-Dropdown list and select “Invite Counselor” option from the list.
  • Above displayed screen will appear and user needs to write email address, Full name of staff and select the center for which they are making Counselor.

User Main Dashboard:

  • There are basically three parts of the User Dashboard likely Left panel, main view and Right panel.
  • The main View contains the welcome message with the name of the Staff member and the name of the organization.
  • The organization 6 Digit Code and the QR code are also present here so it would be easy for the user to get into the organization through the mobile application.

In left Panel :

FightSong!TM: User can see the organization 6 digit code and QR code by clicking on it. User will also get link to download application for android and iOS devices here.

Settings:Here is the dropdown list of the process and settings applicable for the respective staff members. The options present here are purely right based. System manager will have all the rights, Admin will get some limited Rights and Counselor will get few rights.

Staff member:It show the list of the joined Staff member as Admin and counselor in the organization. Staff members can communicate with each other by simply clicking on the name mentioned in the list and a Chat screen will open where they can chat to each other.

Center:It shows the list of center added by the System Manager. This center is an expandable list i.e. when an incident is posted to any respective center, that incident will be displayed under the respective center.The counter will increase against the center name. On clicking on that number it will display the list of incident and individual staff can manage the status of the reported incident from here.

Incident:It shows the list of the reported incident by the App User in respective center. There are various task performed by the staff members over the reported incident.The Staff member can change the status from New to In Progress, Stared and Closed.These status are interchangeable i.e. If a user changed the status of any incident to closed by-mistake they can again can change the status to New or in progress.

Direct Message:Here user will get the list of the DMID who has joined the organization. Staff members can have one-to-one conversation with the App user.User need to select the DMID from the list with whom they want to have conversation. They will see the Chat screen on top of which there is the DMID displayed and in right panel there is the list of incident reported by this particular App user.User can directly see the details of the incident posted by particular DMID and have conversation on the reported incident from here directly by clicking on the chat icon present on the incident selected from the Right Panel. Users can the get the information like IP address of the DMID by simply clicking on the DMID present on the chat screen of the selected DMID.

In Right Panel:

Private Notes:Adding Notes is a functionality which is useful to every individual Staff member. These Notes are private notes and is used by individual staff to add some important points related to the reported incident. These notes won’t be visible to other staff member except the one who added it.Staff members can have a group chat over the reported incident in particular center. The user need to select an incident from the list displayed under the respective center and they can chat to the End User who have posted the incident, the admin and the counselor who is allotted the particular center.

Participant: System manager can add/remove the staff member from the reported incident by using the “Participant” Functionality. This functionality is accessible for a particular incident when User open the specific incident. There is a “Participant” with number of members allotted to the specific incident visible at the top of the selected incident.when a User clicks on the “Member” a pop-up window will appear which will show the list of members who are allotted that incident and those who are not allotted the incident.User can add or remove the member by simply clicking add and delete icon present against the staff members.User can see the details of the reported incident in the right panel of the selected incident. Here details like “Reason”, “Place”, “Type”, “Did anyone else see?”, “Reported by”, “Date and time”, “What happened and who was involved?”, “Where did this occur?”, “When did this occur?”, “Geo- Location”, “Map” and “Media” are present.User gets an option to change the status of that incident, add a private note and mark the particular incident as stared in the Right panel.On an incident the Staff members who are assigned the incident can have a group chat with the App User and can gain more information over the reported incident.

Search Box:There is a search box present on the top-right corner of the dashboard. User can perform wild search for anything they want from here.

Notification Bell:The notification bell is mainly used to show the notification of the message sent by the newly joined DMID. When the direct message list reaches ten user and a new app user join the organization then they are not directly displayed in the Direct message grid. A notification will be sent to the Portal user and by clicking on the notification that particular DMID will replace the one who is inactive in the Direct Message grid.

Pop-Up Drop-down List :


  • Analytics show the cumulative report of activity performed by the everyone who uses the FightSong! System.
    Total number of incident reported and its proper bifurcation as per the media format.
  • Cumulative graph for the incident posted by reason.
  • Cumulative graph for the incident posted by date.
  • Information about the app user’s locality.


Organization Profile:System manager can provide profile information of the organization, enter the address detail and can download the QR code of the organization.


  • User will get all the information related to his/her subscription under this section. They can purchase the center, administrator and counselor as per the requirement by simply clicking on “Add Ons”. User can see the transaction detail and their account detail.
  • If the user wants to deactivate the account due to any reason then they can deactivate the account from here.


Add Ons Page:User can change their plan if needed by simply changing the number of  Center/Administartor or Counselor and click on Add Ons.

iOS and Android platform:User can see the organization 6 digit code and QR code by clicking on it. User will also get link to download application for android and iOS devices here.

Log out:User can sign out from the FightSong! Portal by selecting this option.

Note:The remaining functionality from the list are explained above kindly refer them.



There are various setting options available for User to manage the FightSong! Portal and the End user.

Back to Home:User can go back to the main page of their organization.

Home:If user is any other option of the setting and want to come to the main page of the settings then by clicking on “Home” they can be redirected to home.

Manage Staff:System manager can manage each staff member whether they are admin or counselor. From here they can assign centers to the Counselor by clicking on the edit icon and then select the centers and then click on submit. System manager can also manage the profile of the counselor and Admin. System manager can also decide the Position of a particular staff.

Manage Suggestion:

  • User can enter the location details here as a suggestion for the app user when the app user fill the detail for “Where did this occur?” while posting the incident.
  • User can add new suggestion of the location from here.
  • User will display the list of suggesting in below mentioned list.


Manage App User:

  • System manager can manage the App user of their organization. They can get the information of the app user like the device id, location, IP address etc. System manager can also block and unblock the user from using the functionality of the organization in application.


Reported Incident:

  • System manager can manage each reported incident here.
  • System manager can also see the incident based on its media type from the filter available at the top of the list.
  • They can also use the filter to see the reported the incident entering the desired data inside the search box popped up after selecting the filter option.


Manage Resource:
System manager can add the resource which they want to share with the application user here by simply entering URL, title and Description.

  1. User need to add resource URL, Title, Description and Submit it.
  2. User will see the list of added resources.


System manager can enter Greetings for every new user joining the Organization.