Tips & Tricks

Notes: Staff member can use some personal notes as a reminder. These notes would be directly accessible to the individual staff only, no other staff member can see others added private notes.To insert a private note, user needs to select particular incident form the left panel and after opening the incident details in right panel there is an icon to add notes. User need to click on that icon and enter the details that they want to remember.

Stared incident: Staff members can star any incident they want to. Here if any staff member finds an incident very critical then they can star that incident and this starred incident will be seen as starred to other staff members.

  • Status: Organization member can change the status of any particular incident as per their requirement. There are basically three status likely New, In Progress and Closed.
  • New: When a app user post an incident the status of that incident is NEW by default.
  • In Progress: When any organization member start work on the incident then they can change the status as In Progress which would let system manager know that there are some process being performed over that incident.
  • Closed: When proper action is taken over any incident and a perfect solution is maintained then organization member changes its status to closed and App user will not see that incident in his Incident report screen.


Block User: Organization member can block/unblock any application user who are misusing the application functionality by simply opening the DMID detail and checking the checkbox of “Active” column.