Access your account

For Portal:

Step1: Open and then click on to log in.

Step2: Here the User needs to enter the registered email ID and password and then click on login to enter the registered organization. The user can access FightSong portal as Counselor, Administrator or System Manager.

Note: Users can enter into organization as admin, counselor or system manager by just entering their respective email id and password.

For Student application:

Step1: User need to download the application in their device (provide IOS and android link below).

Step2: After the successful installation of application, user needs to give permission to access the application and agree the privacy policy.

Step3: After accepting the terms and condition user need to enter 6 digit code or scan the QR code of particular organization to enter in that particular organization.

Step4: Once user gets in to the Organization, they can post any incidents with media files or without media files and can communicate with staff members.

Step4:  User can switch organization by simply selecting the “Change Organization” option in settings. User need to enter 6 digit organization code or can directly scan the QR code of organization.